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How To Make Silver Charms

How To Make Silver Charms

This is a guide on how to make a silver charm. It tells you the tools you will need and the steps to take to hand-make charms from silver.

In this video, I am going to show you how to make a silver charm. To begin with, you are going to need some silver. I have two pieces of silver here.

The silver I am using the thickness is 0.5 of a millimetre; you could use up to 0.8 of a millimetre.

You will also need a cutting shears. This is a metal cutting shear. You will also need some files.

These are little needle files. I have a flat file and a half round file to file the edges. You may need a scriber which is a drawing tool that you could use for drawing a design on metal.

And if you wish, you can use a ruler if you would like your silver charms to be a particular size. You will also need a pair of flat nosed pliers, a pair of needle nosed pliers and you will need a mallet, a center punch and a steel block to make a hole and a drill. I have in the drill a one millimetre drill bit.

The first step is to measure your charm. The width of my silver is one centimetre. I am going to make one centimetre charm.

I place my ruler next to the silver and use a scriber to mark one centimetre, and then use the set square to draw the line across. I place the metal. I am holding the square in front of me.

I place the metal behind the square so the metal is away from me. I use my finger to secure the metal on to the set square and use the scriber to draw a straight line. As I am using cutting shears to cut my metal, the thickest metal to use is 0.

8 of a millimetre but the best thicknesses to use is .5 of a millimetre which is a fairly thin sheet of metal and it will allow you to cut slightly more organic shapes. When you use the shears, metal tends to be quite sharp and you will need to file the edges with some needle files.

You hold the piece in your finger together quite firmly, rest your hand on your table or your bench and you file along the edges. For my shape, it's just a on the square, just the corners are quite sharp. Now, I have my pieces of silver and you need to decide now where you're going to put the holes to hang them.

I am going to hang them so that they hang triangle. And before I can drill them, I need to make a little mark. So that I have the mark to guide the drill bit into the correct place, I position the center punch.

This, you can purchase at a hardware store, and this is a leather mallet, you can use any hammer, a DIY hammer would be fine but don't apply too much pressure. Just hammer it lightly once just enough to make a little mark. Bring down the drill bit to guide the drill to where my hole is, before I turn on the machine so that I know that it is in the correct place.

I turn on the machine. Make the hole and turn off. Now, where I have used the cutting shears, it bent the edges of the metal a little bit.

I am going to straighten them out by hammering on a steel block. Whenever you are hammering metal, you always want to hammer on a steel block with a leather mallet. If you use a metal hammer, it will mark silver.

Now, your charms are ready to be added on to either a bracelet or earrings. And this is how you make a silver charm. .