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How To Make Simple Flower Arrangements

How To Make Simple Flower Arrangements

This VideoJug film teaches you step-by-step the techniques for creating simple and lovely arrangements with flowers. It shows and explains all of the required materials, along with some great tips.

How to do simple flower arrangements? The best way to do a simple arrangement, really, is to stick to one flower and a simple container and just mass it or just use one single flower in the right size container for the flower. So, for today, we're going to use this lovely little glass here. Pour a little water in.

If you want to keep your water clear, you can use flower food or chlorine tablets or baby sterilizing tablets. You need just a little tiny bit in there. That will keep the water clear and clean.

I'm going to add in some crushed glass in the bottom. You can use gravel or those sorts of things, a little more maybe. You can get this in colored as well.

It looks nice in color, and I'm just going to lay one lily head inside, like so. That's it. This creates a micro-climate as well, which means the lily will last longer than it would if it was on a stem.

And the shorter you cut something, the longer it lasts. It's a very simple design. If you kept three in a row, it would look quite sweet.

And then, here again, we have two vases, so a collection of things looks really effective, especially when it is very simple. These are called bowl vases with an opening in them. I'm going to put the water in.

I'm going to use two different types of flowers. I'm going to use carnation and celosia. Do one of each, so they complement each other.

When you cut a carnation, you should cut either above or below the node. If you cut on the node, that has a narrowing of the sort of tubes that take the water up. I'm going to cut below the node.

You take off any leaves that are going to be in the water and that helps with the bacteria build-up at the back of it. I'm just going to put two or three of those in and balance them on the top of the vase. Put one more, like so and then I'm going to do celosia in the same way as the other one.

So I can pull off all the leaves, cut on the slant, gives them more surface area for the water to drink up. You can use scissors. Take a little bit more off the surface, so there's more surface area there.

Just lovely! I have to do that with those. I don't know why. Just have to.

Okay, I'm going to put that one in there. And that's how you do simple flower arrangements. .