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How To Make Single Flower Arrangements

How To Make Single Flower Arrangements

Alexandra Lyons shows how to make a single flower arrangement, in a step by step, comprehensible guide. She shows two different examples. One is a teacup arrangement and the other is a jam jar arrangement.

Hi, my name is Alexandra Lyons, and I am a master florist. I create floral displays for celebrity homes, events, weddings, and special occasions. I am going to share some tips with you on flower arranging.

I am going to show you how to arrange one flower. Quite often at home you may have a broken head off a flower or something out the garden that has got a really short stem. This is a lucky way of how to make them look pretty.

Just a little teacup here, and put a little water in it. A nice rose. Cut that a little shorter.

You want that to sit just in the teacup like that. Pop a pin in, a crystal pin to make it look pretty, and finish it off, let us put a teaspoon and a couple chocolates. This will be very nice for a dining table if you have guests over, and you can put one in front of each table setting; it will redecorate the table nicely.

I also have another one to do for you. These are jam jars, and I am going to put a little gravel in the bottom, colored gravel, and add a little water. Into these I am going to place a crisanthemum head which broke.

Place that in there like that, and I have also got here. These make a lovely gift. Then, you can put a lid on the jar, if you wish, if you are transporting it to somebody.

This also creates a microclimate inside, and helps them last longer. This is how you arrange a single flower. .