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How To Make Slime Without Borax

How To Make Slime Without Borax

Rather than spending money on buying slime for your children in the toy store, simply mix water and cornstarch. You can even make it any color you want just by adding food coloring.

Right, now, I'm going to show you how to make slime without using borax or PVA glue. This was actually something I discovered when I was a child here. We have corn flour.

It's used to thicken gravies. Now, we're going to make a bit of blue corn flour slime today, so I've go just standard food coloring, blue food coloring, and we are going to need some water to mix with the corn flour. Something to mix it with, in this case, a lolly stick but anything will do, and I'm going to do it on this plate here.

First of all, what we need to do, make a nice pile of corn flour in the middle of our plate. Lovely. Okay, I'll just break up some of the larger lumps.

Now, I will add some blue food coloring to the water. Much easier to do that. It will mean that you get a more balanced color throughout your slime.

Just mix that up. Okay. So, now we are going to slowly add the water.

I've made a little hole in the middle, you can see there. So, we are going to slowly add some in. Give it a stir.

You can see as I do it, there's a certain stiffness. Corn flour slime, like any slime, is a non-Newtonian liquid. The more you force it, the more solid it actually becomes.

It's starting to mix real nicely in there. Now, this is definitely something you can try with your kids. It's quite difficult.

You have to be very, very gentle. You can see in some ways, it's solid and then when I stop moving it, it returns to a liquid state. This is, as I say, what is in common with all non-Newtonian liquids.

Slime. Putty. Custard.

Now, it might actually be easier for me to get my fingers in. Nothing wrong with that. As you can see, if I push it together, it's solid but as I relax it, we've got a lovely slime effect.

Now, this means that I can actually keep it in a ball if I want to roll it in a ball. You can see here, it will nicely shape itself as long as you keep moving it. As soon as I stop moving it, it returns to liquid.

I'll show you again. Gently press it together. Get that rolling again.

Now, if you want to make it slightly thinner, of course, you add more water. If you want to make it more solid, then you can just add slightly less. And, while I keep pushing it, push, push, push, you can see, solid.

Then back to a horrible liquid. And, there we are. That's how to make slime without borax or PVA glue. .