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How To Make Snowflake Cupcakes

How To Make Snowflake Cupcakes

Let it snow…on your cupcakes with this snowflake decoration.

Hi, my name's Harpreet. I'm from a company called Crumbs Couture Cupcakes in London. Today, I'll be showing you various techniques and recipes to help you decorate cupcakes.

For more information, visit our website at cupcakeslondon dot com. I'm now going to show you how to make snowflake cupcakes. So, take some baby blue icing and rub it between your hands a little bit to make it pliable and make a flat large shape on the icing and the shape can be as large as you want it to be, basically making sure that your cutter can sit on it completely.

Pop that down on a surface which has some icing sugar on it and push your cutter down. Make sure you push the plunger down so that the imprint actually comes on it. Lift your icing away and just pop your shape out.

There we go. And if you actually look at the inside of the cutter, it's got grooves there which will actually make a print on your cupcake. So if you pop this on top of your cupcake, obviously you've got a lovely pattern which is very Christmassy, works well on a kind of Winter Wonderland theme.

We roll the icing out a bit more and we can make another cutting so again this also has grooves on the inside to make a nice print on top of your snowflake. Lift your icing up and pop your snowflake down. We'll do one last small snowflake just to show you the different shapes that you can do.

Pop that down, make an impression, lift it off and eject your snowflake like so. Here we go. That one was a little bit tricky and the small ones can be a little fiddly but there we have the smallest snowflake.

The next thing to do is to take some edible glitter and I'm using pastel blue and so just sprinkle some onto the snowflakes to give it a really festive look before you actually pop your snowflake onto the cupcake. Next, take a cupcake and take some butter cream which is basically butter, icing sugar and milk mixed together with perhaps vanilla flavouring and pipe a swirl on top of your cupcake and I'm actually going to use a larger snowflake here. Just lift it off the surface where you set it.

Now, this can be quite tricky to lift because obviously they're very fiddly when they're large, bits going out in all directions, so you should actually leave it to harden before you try to lift it but I've managed to put it on the cupcake and there you see, how to make a snowflake cupcake. .