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How To Make Snowman Cupcakes

How To Make Snowman Cupcakes

Pop a snowman onto your Christmas cupcake. Here is how.

Hi, my name's Harpreet. I'm from a company called Crumbs Couture Cupcakes in London. Today, I'll be showing you various techniques and recipes to help you decorate cupcakes.

For more information, visit our website at cupcakeslondon dot com. I'm now going to show you how to make snowman cupcakes. The first thing to do is prepare your butter cream which is icing sugar and butter mixed together with a bit of milk and I've actually colored this with some beige colorant.

So take a knife and actually pop that onto your cupcake. It's fairly simple to do. You can use a normal butter knife, you can use a spatula, you could use a piping cone and actually swirl it on, but in this case, I think you do need quite a flat top to the cake so the better thing to use is actually a knife so that your snowman can sit quite securely on your cupcake.

So, just turn the cupcake round and then smooth off the top like so. Next, what you need to do is to pop some icing sugar on your work surface so that your icing doesn't actually stick to your surface and then take some white roll-out icing and just make sure that it's quite soft and pliable by just working it between your hands like so. And you can use a rolling pin to so this and a mat but I was thinking that if you're just working with a small amount of icing, it works quite well to just use your fingers to flatten the icing out.

So in this case, what you want is a large oblong shape icing and then just pop that down and I'm actually using an icing cone here to make a round shape for the snowman though you can use anything round, you can use a lid or any bits and bobs that you've got at home that will basically give you a round shape. So, just cut out a round shape using your icing cone and keep it aside on a bit of sugar so that it doesn't stick to the table. And then, do the same thing again for the top part of your snowman, and if you need to poke that out, just use a spoon or anything by just basically working through your piping cone so that you can get your snowman out.

Then you can keep your icing to one side and put both parts of his body together and just seal them, and then the best thing to do at that point is to actually take your cupcake and pop your snowman on top. So, we now need to give our snowman some features. So, we can pipe a hat on our snowman with black icing like so.

We'll give him a hat which we fill that in. There we go and we'll give him two eyes and a nose and a bit of a sad-looking mouth. We then pop some buttons on him and the next thing you need to do with some red icing is just give him a bit of a scarf to keep him warm so he doesn't look so sad.

There you go, that's the scarf for our snowman, and the last touch would be just to finish him off with a little bit of edible glitter so just take a teaspoon, pop some in a teaspoon, and sprinkle off any excess and just spread that on top so it's nice and sparkly. And that is how to make a snowman cupcake. .