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How To Make Soap From Scratch

How To Make Soap From Scratch

This video is about making a soap from scratch using the cold processed method and all these wonderful natural ingredients which you can easily find at home.

Today, we are going to make soap from scratch. This is going to be a cold-processed method. This is a nice easy method but you do have to be patient because this will take 4 weeks for the soap to be hard enough and ready to use.

We will start by mixing our lye solution which is by mixing sodium hydroxide with water together in carefully measured quantities. I am going to start by weighing the water. The amount of sodium hydroxide is 70 grams.

This is cold water but by the time I add the sodium hydroxide, it's going to heat up. Then stir till the sodium hydroxide granules dissolves. Heat the oils which will be 128 grams coconut oil, 85 grams of palm oil and 30 grams shea butter.

After the oils melted, add in the olive oil which will help in cooling down. Now, add in the lye solution into the oils and stir well. Then, stir in using hand blender till it forms custard-like consistency.

Into this, I am adding 14 grams of lavender and rosemary scented oil which is half and half. Wrap a rectangular mould with some plastic and hold in the sides using pegs. Pour little batter into a blue colouring.

And pour the rest of the mix into the dish and remove the pegs. Now, mix the colour mix and pour in lines on the poured mixture. With a wooden spoon form designs as such, this soap is the cold processed soap which will have to tucked away for 24 hours.

I will put 2 or 3 towels over it to keep insulated. After 24 hours, remove the blanket and leave it somewhere for 3-4 weeks till it becomes very hard. That is the soap after 4 weeks and this is how to make soap from scratch. .