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How To Make Soap Without Lye

How To Make Soap Without Lye

This video makes you feel the magic in making the loveliest of soaps with no lye} in the easiest possible way at home. Customized soap, that's what it is. You can now have the perfect soap in your favorite color and fragrance.

Today, I am going to show you how to make soap without lye. You are going to be using a glycerin melting soap base that you can get in specialist craft shops or online cosmetic ingredient suppliers. It's a synthetic base put together to have lovely ingredients and that create nice bubbles or moisturizing on your skin but you get to choose the color and the smell.

And you can see it's quite soft, I am just cutting it with a knife. The smaller I cut it, the quicker it will melt. I am going to be using heatproof jug so I can put this straight onto the hob.

But you could melt it in a saucepan or a microwave if you have one. This soap base is clear so we will be getting a nice transparent soap but you can also get the soap base as a solid color, a white color that you can't see through. Now, that has melted and I have stirred it to make sure that it has all been incorporated into this liquid.

To make sure it isn't stirred too hard in case I create lots of bubbles, what I am going to do now is to add some color and some smell. Now, I have got 300 grams of soap base in here and I am going to add one percent of our Rose fragrance oil, so that's three grams of Rose fragrance oil I need to add, could be three and a half grams. Keep that to stir around and now, I am going to add some color.

Now, I have chosen violet purple color, I am just going to add one drop of color and then stir it in and then we will decide if that's enough color or not. I think that's beautiful. We don't want it too dark because I am going to pop a few rose petals in there and I want to be able to see through the soap to the rose petals.

Pop it in my mold. The mold I am using is actually a baker's mold something that you could cook little loaves of bread or cake in but it works fine, the silicon mold for my soap. Very carefully pour the soap in so we do not include too many bubbles.

And I am just going to put a few rose petals in there too, just on the surface and then push them in with the spoon. I think I have got enough soap to do three of these. Smell's beautiful.

Look's beautiful, too. That needs to just sit quietly for only about an hour before it sets and then I can take it out of the mold and it will be ready to use straight away. So, our soap without lye has now set and it's ready to take out of the mold.

You can see it. It's hard. Using these molds makes it very easy to get out because they literally just peel off it.

If we have a look at that one, our transparent soap with the lovely Rose petals floating around inside it. And that's how you make soap without using lye. .