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How To Make Spotted Dick

How To Make Spotted Dick

Spotted Dick Recipe. Fruity spotted dick ideal for all occasions served with vanilla custard and berries. A traditional yet special dessert for all ages. Experience our Spotted Dick recipe.


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Step 1: You will need

  • 250 g flour
  • 10 g baking powder
  • 50 g bread crumbs
  • 150 g butter
  • 75 g brown sugar
  • 75 g chopped sultanas or currents
  • 1 orange zest
  • 200 ml milk
  • some wax paper
  • 1 steamer
  • some string
  • 1 bowl
  • 1 spoon

Step 2: Combine the dry ingredients

Into a bowl add the flour, the baking powder, the brown sugar, the bread crumbs, the sultanas, and the orange zest. Mix together well.

Step 3: Add the butter

Now blend in the butter with the dry mixture until it takes on the consistency of wet sand. Make sure that the butter is mixed well with the other ingredients.

Step 4: Introduce the milk

Add the milk a little at a time to the mixture until it becomes a fairly wet dough. If you want a more moist pudding, just add a little more water.

Step 5: Prepare to steam

Now we are ready to roll the spotted dick. Using a sheet of waxed paper, form the dough into the shape of a log along the paper's longer edge. Now roll it in the paper just to give it shape and then unroll it.

Next, roll the pudding up again a little more loosely this time to give it room to expand while cooking. Twist one end closed and then close the other. Finally, secure both ends with string.

Step 6: Cook the spotted dick

Now place the spotted dick into an already boiling steamer. Allow to cook on a medium-high heat with the cover on for one hour.


Don't forget to put enough water in the bottom of the steamer so that it doesn't boil dry!

Step 8: Serve

Remove the pudding from the steamer and tear away the waxed paper. Cut the spotted dick into slices, place them on a serving platter and drizzle a little vanilla custard over (the VideoJug website has a great recipe for this.)

And garnish with a few fresh berries.