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How To Make Spy Gear

How To Make Spy Gear

In this video from Videojug, Gareth Francis from Working Science shows us how you can make night vision cameras using infrared LEDs and a simple webcam.

Today, we are going to do How to Make Spy Gear. And what we are going to make is a night vision camera, and we are going to make it out of an ordinary cheap webcam. And you are going to need a plastic box - you can buy these from various companies called project boxes.

So, they are good for drilling holes and things like that. You are going to need some infrared LEDs. That is what these are.

They are just like any old, other kind of LED, got two wires on them and you just hold them together. You will need a battery. You might need a few insulating bits that you can put on the ends of the wire so they don't touch each other.

You need some cocktail clips. You're going to need a solder iron because you are going to be soldering these infrared LEDs together. And you are going to need screwdrivers and various things like that, a drill.

Now, just some safety tips here, this is not really a project I think young children can do because you need to use a soldering iron, and soldering irons, on the end, get incredibly hot. They have to melt the solder. So, you are going to need a parent to help you with the soldering iron.

So, first thing we got to do is you are going to use our box to make our spy camera. So, we are going to have to drill some holes in it. We want to mount the webcam in the box and we want to mount all of these LEDs in the box as well, something like it.

So, we are just going to have to drill some hole into the box. So, I've got one that I've drilled earlier. I've got 12 holes in it for the LEDs and it's got a big hole in it for the webcam to go in.

So I'm going to put those in and then I'm going to screw it together to make my night vision camera. Now, first of all, these LEDs, you buy them, they all come separately. They need 1.

5 volts each to get them to work. So, what I have done is I've put 6 of them in a line and I've soldered them together. You have to make sure you have soldered them the correct positive to the negative, positive to negative all the way along.

So, six together times 1.5 volts makes 9 volts. So I'm going to be using a 9-volt battery to power these LEDs.

And what I've done is I've done two sets in parallel. So there is one 6 and there is another 6 there, and that is what I'm going to use to make my infrared light. This is how night vision cameras work.

They have infrared light which you project at a surface and then it reflects it back. And then, you see the infrared light that is reflected back from whatever you are looking at in the dark. That is how night vision cameras work.

Now, cheap webcams, they detect infrared quite well. Stick it in your hole and so you might want to glue it in place like that. Then put each of your little LEDs into the box.

So I've poked all of the LEDs into the box. So I'm just going to connect my black wire there, red wire there and then I'll close the box up. So I'll put these connecters, these little heat shrink things in here, and this will just keep the wires from touching each other inside because that would short them out and keep them from working.

And then put the box together, seal it all in and that is your night vision webcam. Now, we're going to go and test it in the dark. Here is the finished spy camera.

It's got the infrared LEDs on the front and here is the webcam also on the front. And I'm just going to show you now if I look at this stereo here, if you look on the screen in the normal daylight, you can see it fine. If we turn the lights off, you will see that the camera can't see anything.

Okay, so when I turn the LEDs on, you can see that although it's very dark in here, the camera can see in night vision. So you can see that stereo that we are looking at. So we have turned a webcam into and infrared camera, and that is the way you make spy gear. .