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How To Make Spy Sunglasses

How To Make Spy Sunglasses

Secretly record video and audio without anyone knowing with these stealth spy sunglasses that cost less than $40. Now you can have your very own hidden camera! Think of the possibilities!

Step 1: $40 spy glasses:

I always thought it would be cool to have a pair of covert spy sunglasses, you know where you could record video without anybody knowing. So I decided to make my own pair - for under forty bucks.

Step 2: Materials:

First I picked up a micro spy camera on my favorite auction site. This has color video and audio, and it was delivered to my door for about eighteen bucks. Then I picked up a pair of black solar-shield sunglasses, these were nineteen ninety five and will be perfect for this project.

Step 3: Modifying ther camera

Well the first thing we need to do is modify this spy camera. And we do that by removing all the wiring from the single cable - I ended up with four small wires: video, audio, power, and ground. Then I cut the wires about three inches from the camera, because we're going to extend this length of cable just using some small 24-gauge or smaller black wire. I individually marked and then soldered four lanes of black wire to the existing wires coming from the camera. Add some shrink tubing to protect all the connections, then solder the other end of the black wire to the three original connections and the ground. After applying some more shrink tubing, your micro-camera is ready to be installed in the sunglasses.

Step 4: Connect up the camera.

The camera fits perfectly right in the corner where no one can see it. That's where I'll use the hot glue to mount it, and run your wiring along the arm to conceal it. My recorder will be this small Sony handicam which fits perfectly in my pocket and records to mini-DV.

Then make your final connections: video, audio, and your 9-volt power supply to power the camera.

Step 5: Try it yourself...

After concealing all the wiring, we took it on a test run. I was amazed at the clarity of this small camera, and no one knew I was recording video and audio at the same time.

I'm sure you could come up with some unlimited uses for these covert spy sunglasses. And even Domino likes them.