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How To Make Stained Glass Suncatchers

How To Make Stained Glass Suncatchers

More decorative stained glass in the form of suncatchers are demonstrated in this video. Here are great ideas on how to make one.

Hello, my name's Kevin Shenton. I'm the UK manager of Marabu Creative. We've managed to put together a range of videos showing all aspects of fabric, textile painting along with glass painting and porcelain painting.

We're now going to go on and decorate suncatchers. Again on this, there are two forms or ways we can go about this. Chrissie's going to use again on this design, just for ease and convenience, we're going to use a peel-off.

These peel-offs are traditional available from most craft shops. They come in standard self-adhesive sheets. They are very delicate when working with them but on this effect, you see Chrissie's very slowly taking away the self-adhesive, it's a self-adhesive background and she's very delicately producing and taking off this design.

These self-adhesive backings generally aren't ideal for external because often the adhesive on them, you could check this with a retailer, often the adhesive on it is not a permanent exterior grade adhesive like our glass film but it's ideal for a design so that you don't have to do freehand designs. No, the peel-off is released from the peel-off paper and Chrissie's delicately applying this to our suncatcher. Now, this is quite easy to do.

These are again available in most retailers. They normally have an aperture to the top so you'd actually do a pull of thread or film to it to actually adhere it where you want. As Chrissie's now stuck this to the glass, again in working with children, be very aware because it is a glass.

This can be very easily damaged and again we're going to use on this occasion, we're going to use Marabu's GlasArt from our glass art set. This GlasArt set has 6 individual Marabu GlasArt products, 15 ml bottles in the pack and the brush that Chrissie's using there, and if you prefer not to use peel-offs as we have used here, within the individual Marabu box is a range of designs that you can put underneath the suncatcher you should trace around with your Marabu Glass Outliner Paste if you prefer not to use a suncatcher. These designs, depending on who you're working with, this is just a standard children's coloring book we have here, so when you are working with children, these are free designs and depending on the size of the image that you're working with, there's everything for every kite, teddy bears, so if they want to create something in their own home for the child, then these are perfect because they can work freehand and if they make a mistake with these designs behind, they just wipe it off with a tissue.

If you feel you want to move on and do something more, Marabu produce its own rote free designs which can be copied and can be enlarged. These little pixies is a whole range of designs, ducks and ladybirds, also some Christmas themes and we like to show you probably these as an outline again for suncatchers later. As Chrissie continues with this one, we're using it for the adult market here so we're using the Marabu GlasArt set, it's 6 in a pack, around 12 pounds with some designs, with a brush, and the individual colours can be mixed and mixed in to blend your own individual designs and colours and they are available in one set.

But if you want to work with just simple colours, they're available. Again, if you're working with children, I recommend that you use Marabu Decorglas set because these are water-based and they are far easier for children to work with and again, less dangerous on the clothes. But here, you see quite an ideal nice design and what we've also done while Chrissie's doing this earlier, Chrissie's produced another design and on this design, we used the outliner and we worked with the design behind.

This was a freehand design that Chrissie used and you can come up with your own design working freehand. Again, this is a water-based outliner paste so this will be wiped off with a damp cloth or wet wipe with no permanent damage and it tends to take up to 12 hours to dry so it's got quite a