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How To Make Steak Teppanyaki

How To Make Steak Teppanyaki

Steak teppanyaki is a Japanese delicacy cooked on an iron griddle, or "teppan." Master Chef Andy Matsuda of the Sushi Chef Institute in Los Angeles will show us how to make this fabulous meal.

Step 1: You will need

  • grill or large skillet
  • sharp knife
  • cutting board
  • metal spatula

Step 2: Prepare The Vegetables

Before cooking, remove the stems of the shiitake mushrooms, the white mushrooms, and the asparagus. Cut the garlic cloves in two. Quarter a zucchini, then cut into six pieces.

Step 3: Mix The Dipping Sauce

To make teppanyaki steak dipping sauce, you'll need daikon, or white Japanese radish. Mix one tablespoon of grated daikon with a quarter cup of soy sauce ...and set aside.

Step 4: Grill Work

Pre-heat a griddle or large skillet to a high temperature. Add one one-quarter cup of vegetable oil, then the chopped garlic pieces. Slowly sauté the garlic so the flavor seeps into the oil, which you'll use later to cook the steak. While the garlic cooks, season the steak with salt and pepper. Remove the grilled garlic, and save for later to use as a garnish.

Grill the steak in the heated, garlic-flavored oil. Then, start cooking the vegetables. Add salt and pepper, then cover the vegetables with a lid for a few minutes to partially steam them. When slightly browned, flip the steak. Uncover the vegetables and flip them as well. For additional flavor, pour a half cup of sake on the veggies to flash cook them, then cover again for another minute or two.

While the steak sizzles, cut off any excess fat but don't throw it away. Cook the fat for those who view it as a delicacy. Slice the steak bite-sized pieces. Now uncover the vegetables and douse with soy sauce for further flavor.

Step 5: Plate And Serve

Artfully arrange the vegetables and steak on a beautiful plate. Garnish the meat with the grilled garlic, and serve with the dipping sauce. Time to savor steak teppanyaki.