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How To Make Steamed Cauliflower

How To Make Steamed Cauliflower

This video gives clear instructions on how to simply and easily steam cauliflower from home, allowing you to make tasty steamed cauliflower whenever you would like!

Today, I am going to show you how to steam cauliflower. Now, steaming is a very, very good way of cooking your vegetables, it is going to hold all the nutrients in, everything about it is going to look absolutely fantastic. If you have got green vegetables, it is still going to hold that lustre.

If you have got something like cauliflower like we are doing now, it is going to stay beautiful and white. So, I have got the cauliflower here, so I am going to get the tip of the knife and then put it through the bottom there and just take away that stem so as I can now take all the leaves off in one piece, but, of course, leave some of the leaves on there, the nice little juicy ones, because that will actually give it a little bit more colour. You can actually cook cauliflower whole, but if you are going to cook it whole, we need to take the centre of the stalk out like this, and then we can actually put the whole cauliflower into the steamer, and then cook it off as a whole piece.

However, today, I am actually going to be cutting this cauliflower up into little florets. We have got two different kinds of steamer here, we have got a purpose built one which you can buy from any good supermarket, and we have also got our rustic homemade one over here. It is really easy to make a steamer, a nice pan of hot water a colander put in there that actually fits into the pan, I don't mean actually in the pan, but on top of the pan, with a lid that will go on top of it, will make an absolutely perfectly good steamer.

I am going to pop half my cauliflower into the purpose built steamer, and half my cauliflower into the homemade rustic steamer and that is going to take roughly eight to ten minutes to steam off. Now, my cauliflower is ready, so when I take it out of the steamer, what I am looking for personally, myself, is when I just give it a little squeeze, it just starts to break up. And that is how to steam cauliflower. .