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How To Make Straight Hair Curly

How To Make Straight Hair Curly

Many men and women have straight hair and wish that it was curly. Watch this video for a detailed step-by-step method to get that curly hair you've always wanted in whatever style you wish!

I'm going to show you a really simple way to make straight hair curly. I'm going to take sections around an inch thick and vertically, so my curl will stretch more like a corkscrew down that way. Because we're making straight hair curly and we're not making hair wet first, we need to use a heat detector and something with a little bit of hold in there, just so the curl will take better on the hair, and we're not going to put stress on the hair as well.

I'm using Cloud-9 straighteners; they have a bevelled edge which will help to curl your hair. We start off by putting the iron end as close to the root as possible. We're going to twist it 180 degrees and I'm still going to hold the end of the hair and we're going to slide that through.

Now, the slower I go, the curlier it's going to get. If we want softer, larger curls, I'd use bigger sections, and I'd go a through a little bit quicker as well. We're going to make sure we go right to the ends, and if you want, you can twist up and then just release and hold out.

And what you want to create is almost a little sausage effect through there. Do another one. And what you want to do is do this throughout the whole head, and then at the end, you can decide what sort of curl you'd like to have.

So there are different ways of doing it, you can go for a wilder crazy curl, so what you'd do then is you grab each section, and with your fingers you just slightly comb them through there, and you create a wilder big sort of crazy hairdo. If that's not your look, you grab the same hair, and with your fingers, just rake it though and use a little bit of spray or serum to get more of a polished glam look that way. That's how you make straight hair curly. .