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How To Make Sugar Animals

How To Make Sugar Animals

Donna & Sam from Buttercup Cake Shop show how to make sugar paste animals. Great for adorning a jungle cake, these sugar paste animals are a fun and cooky way to liven up your cake.


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  • coloured sugar paste

Step 1: Make a Sugar Snake

Roll the yellow sugar paste into a snake shape. Pinch the top of the snake to add the eye sockets. Arrange in a squiggly shape. Add some spots using black sugar paste. Add two small dots for eyes using the black paste as well. Fashion some red sugar paste into a tongue. Place in the mouth of the snake. Place your snake on the cake.

Step 2: Make a Sugar Elephant

Slice off a chunk of gray sugar paste. Fashion into a head shape with your hands. Pinch out the trunk. Add some holes to the end of the trunk. Add some creases to the trunk. Make the eyes with some dots of white and black sugar paste. Take some more gray sugar paste and make the ears. Add some pink to the inside of the ears to give some personality. Add the head to a larger chunk of gray sugar paste, fashion into the body, add a tail.