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How To Make Sugar Crystals

How To Make Sugar Crystals

The process of making sugar crystals is very similar to making salt crystals, but sugar crystals can be more fun because they're tasty treats. Watch this video on how to make some.

I'm going to show you how to make sugar crystals. For this, you will need some sugar, a spoon, a paper, a glass or jam jar, a lollipop stick, some cotton or thread, some water and a source pan. You need to start by dissolving our sugar.

For this, you will need to do it over a stove on a gentle heat so you just need to add some water, pour in some sugar and you need to start stirring and let the sugar dissolve. Now, once all the sugar has dissolved, you will need to add some more and you need to keep adding sugar until no more will dissolve. What we want is a saturated solution so you need to stir over the heat for quite some time, adding as you go, so when you're finished, your solution should look something like this with quite a lot of sugar at the bottom, almost like a thick syrupy consistency, then we need to take our glass or jam jar and pour this in.

Now, it's really important that you let the solution cool before pouring it into your glass. Now, we need to create something for our crystals to grow on, so I take my lollipop stick and some thread and we just need to wrap it round till it's a bit hanging down and tie a knot. Okay, so you've got a bit hanging down and you just need to drop it down into your solution, you probably need to use the end of the spoon, push it down and you just need to cover the glass with a piece of paper and then leave it for a few days.

Then, after a few days, what you should get is this but you will also notice that I have put a stick in here. This is half a kebab stick and as you see, the sugar is starting to form at the end so you can create your own sugar twizzle sticks to use in coffee and that is completely edible. So, that's how to make sugar crystals.