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How To Make Sugar Paste Flowers

How To Make Sugar Paste Flowers

Sugar paste flowers are a delicious and colourful addition to your cake decorations. A versatile and tasty treat to make your cakes attractive and your parties much more fun! Learn the technique of cutting sugar paste to take your cake-making to the next level.


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  • Icing Sugar
  • Sugar Paste

Step 1: Add the Icing Sugar

Apply a little icing sugar so the icing doesn't stick to your work surface and then roll out your sugar paste. Try to get the thickness just right, not so thick that the shapes take a long time to dry but not too thin either as this could result in them being difficult to work with once you have made your cuts.

Step 2: Cut your shapes

Take your cutter and stick it down, wiggle if necessary, remove and place to the side. Now use the pink sugar paste to make some more sugar paste flowers, it's nice to have two differing sizes of cutter and contrasting colours for the outer and inner flowers.