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How To Make Sugar Roses

How To Make Sugar Roses

Cakes look beautiful when decorated with flowers, especially when they're edible. Annabelle & Billie from Confection Perfection demonstrate how to make roses out of edible sugar paste.


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  • Flower Paste
  • Concentrated Paste Colour
  • Edible Glue

Step 1: Create Shades Of Colour

Break off a piece of flower paste, knead, and add a little of the colouring. Knead between your hands until the colour is uniform. Pull the coloured piece in half and set one half aside in a bag. Take a new uncoloured piece of the same size, and mix together with the coloured piece, to lighten the colour. Again pull into two and set one half aside. Blend the remaining coloured half with a new uncoloured piece of the same size.

Step 2: Make The Rose Stem

Take a 22 guage wire and cut in two. Bend the end of one half into a hook. Roll some uncoloured paste into a ball then shape into a cone. Dip into edible glue and twist over the hook of the wire. Reshape the cone. Set aside in a polystyrene block to dry.

Step 3: Make The Petals

Roll your darkest shade of coloured paste as thinly as you can. Use a cutter to remove a petal shaped section. Place this on a form pad and stoke a boning tool over the edge to thin and shape it like a petal.

Step 4: Attach To The Stem

Paint a little glue on the petal and the tip of the rose cone. Wrap the petal around the rose cone and curl the edge back, and fix the base. Make three more petals in the same way and interleave them over the petal already attached. Press to firmly fix, and curl back the tops with your hand or a cell stick. The next layer would have six petals of a lighter shade. You can also add a calyx for the back of the rose using green paste and a calyx cutter.