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How To Make Sugar Sprinkles

How To Make Sugar Sprinkles

Here is how to make sugar sprinkles nice and easy.

Hi, my name's Harpreet. I'm from a company called Crumbs Couture Cupcakes in London. Today, I'll be showing you various techniques and recipes to help you decorate cupcakes.

For more information, visit our website at cupcakeslondon dot com. I'm now going to show you how to make sugar sprinkles. Take some sugar.

This can be your ordinary granulated sugar that you have around the house and pop a few teaspoon of sugar in this ziploc bag like so and give it a bit of a whack so that you can get rid of any lumps within the sugar and then take some food coloring. I'm going to show you how to make some green sprinkles. Pop a little on the bowl and using a teaspoon, just put a few drops of the food coloring into your bag like so.

Just a bit more, here you go, and then try to envelope quite a bit of air so that you get a bit of a balloon effect. Seal your bag and making sure that you've got enough air in there, twist it over and shake. If you give it a good shake, the sugar basically incorporates all of the colorant that you've added in and there, as you can see, we've made sugar sprinkles.

Now, these can be quite wet obviously from the colorant that you've applied so you need to transfer it into a dish and these are some I've made earlier. So, this is how it turns out to dry so as you see, it's kind of got the consistency of sand. So if you take a cupcake, you can just sprinkle your colored sprinkles on top of your cupcake which gives it a wonderful effect and for a bit of added sparkle, you can put some edible glitter on top using a small spatula like so and that gives it a really lovely frosted look.

And that is how you make sugar sprinkles. .