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How To Make Swag Curtains

How To Make Swag Curtains

This description is about the making of the swag curtains which can be could be used between two rooms or in a hole splitting a passageway behind the hole.

How to make a swagged cut and how and when would you use it. Swag cut doesn't work as a curtain, does going back and forth window or door. It's really only decorative.

Therefore, it's just an ordinary curtain with hand stitch, oversize, with whatever insulation and linings you wish to use. And it's the way you'll dried it over a pole normally as to how it's going to look. I got two examples here which could be used between 2 rooms or in a hole splitting a passageway behind the hole.

One, which is fairly modern and very casual as access to the top and another with fingered and tassel tiebacks used as tassel, decorative tassels, over a pole. Now, this curtain would probably be done in two pieces. This part of the curtain would be bruised, put on to the pole separately and then the next part would be drifted over, secured at the back and then drift over and behind the pole and then down and dressed to look like that.

Then, the tassels will be put on afterwards. This one would probably be done in one piece, long enough obviously to pool on the floor to go over the pole and it would have to be double sided because the coarse you're using both sides of the fabric, go over to the pole to the front behind the pole and then, noted and down. As you can see, that one is over a short window which is quite a good idea to dress a short window base.

That one will be probably be the easiest to make. And the time you would take to get to there would be on how you drake that fabric over the pole. This one would take longer because you got all that fringing, the hand stitch and you also got an umbra there which the curtains hang behind.

You need to give it a fairly decent lining, preferably a colored one, as in this case, it is over a door which is going to another room. And, when you make the end of your top, swag and tail a bit. You must remember that the end has got the fringing and it is cut into a point and you drupe it into this zigzag to get that effect at the end.

That's how you'll make the swag curtain and that's when you use swag curtain. Good luck. .