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How To Make Table Flower Arrangements

How To Make Table Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangements can brighten any room or offer a beautiful touch to any special occasion. In this video, you will learn how to make table flower arrangements. Let's get started!

I'm going to show you how to do a table flower arrangement. You need a suitable container, a low one is best. If it's going to be on a dining table while you're eating, keep the flowers very low so you can see above the flowers, so you can talk, but it's up to you.

I've got a glass cube here which I've filled with floral foam that I've soaked. Floral foam comes in a brick size, you can slice it. It takes 90 seconds to soak a block.

Drop it in the water rather than pouring the water on top, then, cut it. You should only use floral foam once because the bacteria stays inside, the flowers create a lot of bacteria, so please don't reuse it or your flowers won't last so long. Now, I'm going to cover the foam up through this glass with some leaves.

Start out with some foliage. Foliage is just as expensive to purchase at a florist as flowers are. It takes a lot to grow even longer.

But, another thing to do is have a stock in your garden, if you can plant suitable plants that you can cut for traditional flower arranging. This one is a camellia, which is lovely, it's got flowers ready to bud on it as well, so this will last a long time, it's got nice big waxy leaves. This is a viburnum, another good one to garden.

It's got quite a few varieties, all good for flower arranging. So, I'll start first with the camellia, use every piece of the stem, cut off the side, use a knife, this opens up the stem to the water going up. I'm just going to randomly place.

I'm going to put some viburnum in, use a knife for this, again cut with the knife, pull off anything that is going into the oasis or the floral foam, if you create a little larger hole, it will move about and it won't hold it in place as well, so if you place something in the foam and you want to move it, you must pull it out before you put it back in again because if you push it across, again, you'll make a large gap and your flowers will move around. These are peonies. Again, these are flowers that you can grow in your garden.

Be careful if you use a florist knife, you can use a vegetable knife if you wish. Set it down. Place the peony into the foam, no more than an inch, probably not much less either; this will help it stay in place and drink as well.

I'm going to put another flower in; again, this is another summery flower. I'm going to put this in between. I'm just going to add to this arrangement; put a couple of butterflies in, it's a nice summery display.

I'm just going to add some water because they're quite thirsty plants, flowers even. And this is how you do table flower arrangements. .