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How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers

How To Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Bring a touch of spring to your home all year 'round with this guide to making beautiful tissue paper daffodils by creative crafts person Danielle Coolbear Jenkins from djcoolbear.co.uk.

You Will Need

  • tissue paper
  • pre-cut tissue paper shapes
  • old cereal box
  • pipecleaners / floristry wire
  • floristry tape
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pencil

Top Tips

  • Fold a circle of paper in half and then into thirds. Use the lines created from these folds to create a curved star-shape template for the petals of the flower. Use this paper template to create a cardboard template so you can make multiple flowers.
  • You can create the bell for the centre of the daffodil in two ways, either by folding a circle of tissue paper in half and rolling it up, which makes a highly stylised bell, or by folding the circle all the way around like a concertina. The latter method is more time consuming but gives a more realistic look to the bell.
  • Push the bell through the petals and attach them to the pipecleaner stem with floristry tape. The floristry tape will also hide the join between the flower and the stem.