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How To Make Traffic Lights Change

How To Make Traffic Lights Change

Brought to you by dedicated VideoJug user KipKay, this film shows you how to make traffic lights change. Follow this secret code and make the traffic lights change to suit your needs when crossing the road, with VideoJug's help!

Step 1: Waiting For Traffic Lights

Did you ever wish you could cross the street without having to wait for the traffic lights to turn in your favor? Well now you can. I found a secret combination of clicks that allows you to change the traffic lights in your favor. Check it out.

Step 2: The Combination

Find the button that allows you to cross the street and enter this code: three short clicks, two long clicks, one short click, two long clicks, and three short clicks.

And take a look, it changes both traffic lights. And this works on most traffic signals. Now you can instantly cross the street when you want to. Now if somebody could just figure out a way to get one of those buttons inside your car.