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How To Make Tuxedo Napkin

How To Make Tuxedo Napkin

Add a whimsical and creative touch to your dinner parties and celebrations by learning how to fold linen napkins into fun shapes! Luigi, the maestro on the art of napkin folding, takes you step by step in this four minute video to show you how to transform a napkin into a miniature dinner jacket.

Hi, my name is Luigi and I'm the maestro on the art of napkin folding. What we are doing today is a demonstration on the napkin, which comes from my book, "Luigi's Language of Napkin Folding". What we're doing now is a dinner jacket.

Now, there are several dinner jackets in the book, but wanting to learn how - Okay, what we're doing now is a dinner jacket. This is ideal for parties, or for an anniversary. This is very simple, I've done so many times.

Now, what we are doing now is a dinner jacket. Now this is the principle. The principle of the dinner jacket is to create a collar, like mine.

So we take the napkin and we actually fold this into a triangle. Now this is the point, the most difficult part, is trying to create the collar. A napkin which is very suitable for wedding parties, you can use any color of napkin as long as if you put a shirt inside make sure it is a different color.

You take the section here, and you actually fold it this way. You see? What you do with your hands, you're practically ironing the napkin to create a contour, as you can see. Can you see the contour? This is the contour that you create, that's the beginning of the jacket.

Then you turn it over, and you go upwards. You take, put your hand in here, four fingers, and you take this section to come up to there. You change hands, you take again, full section, to go up to there.

And you have got the beginning of a dinner jacket. Now, we turn this over, your hands in there, turn it over. We take this section and we bring it up to the center in here.

And then we do the same on the other side. Then we take the section, the bottom, and we go up here. This will actually help the napkin to stand up a little bit.

Now should you be wanting to use this for a special event, such as like a wedding, and you want to insert a shirt inside there, the one which we made earlier, the smaller version of the one we made earlier. This one was made with a gentleman's handkerchief, but you can actually use paper napkins for this one. What you do is again, then you turn it over, and again you take this to the center here, and the other one, and you actually take this and come up this way, turn it over, and you have got a dinner jacket.