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How To Make Vanilla Panna Cotta

How To Make Vanilla Panna Cotta

Vanilla Panna Cotta Recipe. A delicious, creamy traditional Italian dessert. Taste our Vanilla Panna Cotta recipe.


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Step 1: You will need

  • 650 ml cream
  • 250 ml cream, to whip
  • zest of 2 lemons
  • juice of 2 lemons
  • 100 g sugar flavoured with vanilla
  • 4 gelatine leaves
  • 1/4 ltr water
  • 1 medium bowl
  • 1 medium cooking pan
  • 1 whisk
  • 1 teaspoon
  • bowls for serving
  • 1 ladle
  • 1 electric beater

Step 2: Make the lemon cream

Pour the 650ml of cream into the cooking pan, then add the lemon juice and sugar and stir to combine. The lemon will stiffen the cream but as soon as it heats it will become more liquid.

Place the pan on a medium heat and allow to warm while continuously stirring. Do not bring it to a boil. When it reaches a simmer, remove from the heat.

Step 3: Add the gelatine

Place the gelatine leaves into the bowl with water. Leave for a couple of minutes to soften. When soft, remove them from the water and put into the pan of cream. Mix together until the gelatine dissolves.

Step 4: Whip the cream

Pour the 250ml of cream into the bowl and using the electric beater, whip until stiff.

Step 5: Combine the two creams

Gradually add the lemon cream to the whipped cream and combine thoroughly. Ladle the mixed cream into the serving bowls and put them in the fridge to chill for 6-8 hours. They are ready when stiff.

Step 6: Serve

Drizzle on a little honey or a dollop of raspberry jam or alternatively try adding hot caramelized apples. Serve up and enjoy!