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How To Make White Frosting

How To Make White Frosting

In this video, we learn how to make white frosting .

Hi! My name is Xanthe Milton, I'm also known as cookie girl and today I'm going to show you how to make white frosting. Now for this recipe and other you can take a look at my recipe book “Eat me” and also take a look at my website cookiegirl.co.

uk now the way that I'm making white icing is I'm making a frosting with butter as well as cream cheese. It's the cream cheese that helps keep the color white. Were going to put those in, I've got three ounces of each of the butter and cream cheese and I'm adding them to a pound of icing sugar.

Now it's getting a bit hectic in here, see we're disappearing in a cloud of smoke. You can add whatever flavor you want to this, I'm going to stick with vanilla and if you do want to have a different color then this works really well because it's pale so it picks up colors really well. It will give you a truer color than if you simply use butter.

Ok, so I'm just going to add the vanilla now. It doesn't want to come off. I'm just going to add a teaspoon of vanilla and about the same again and then just a little water.

Sorry not water, just a little bit of milk and this is going to give us a good consistency for piping with. If you're not going to pipe it and you want to spread it, you may want to thin it out a little. There we have white icing.