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How To Make Yarn Bracelets

How To Make Yarn Bracelets

To make a yarn bracelet, you need to gather up these materials at home and, for sure, this jewellery making process will be one that you will enjoy.

In this video, I am going to show you how to make a yarn bracelet. To start, we need some yarn, you need some wire and a strip of metal. This is a 5 mm strip of metal and the length of wire you need should be five or six centimeters longer than your final bracelet.

You also need some ends. I have made these ends but you can purchase some premade ends in a jewel supplier shop and we need some masking tape. The first step is to take a wire.

I am using two lengths of wire with one strip of metal. Bring all the ends together and take some masking tape and secure the ends. You have to position a wire on either side of the strip of the metal.

So, you attach your strips to the surface of the table quite firmly with a piece of masking tape. You might need couple of layers of masking tape. If you find that it is not secure and you start off by taking a yarn, lifting the middle strip which is my trip of metal and pass that underneath, it is best to have a ball of yarn or string whatever you are using under the piece.

You start off by taking a yarn and go over your ending strip, that is the one on the left and then you go over your middle strip and under the other wire which is one on the right. Then take the yarn over the end wire, under the middle strip, over the other end wire and have to keep pushing it close to it, the one before. So, my yarn here is now above the left wire and going to go under, over and under the wire again.

This is a very simple technique of over-under-over. In the meantime, you could finish off, you could attach one of your ends to your one end of your bracelet. I am going to use a little bit of PVA glue, I will put on some cardboard just to attach the ends.

This is PVA fabric glue and the masking tape is very good because it has a little bit of texture and it allows the glue to fix appropriately. I will also glue my ends in. You could allow it to dry a little bit, just a little bit tacky, then you slide in your end.

That will probably take between, for it to dry, and then you can carry on doing the bracelet. Here I have a finished necklace with the same technique, and the way the necklace works is wrap that around the neck and, of course, this is also like that, so as the bracelet, it would be the same principle but small. And that is how you make the yarn bracelets. .