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How To Make Your Biceps Really Big

How To Make Your Biceps Really Big

Want to have bigger biceps? Stop wasting time at the gym and learn how to effectively get bigger biceps with this how-to video.

If you want to get bigger biceps, the most fundamental exercise is the bicep curl. Now, the bicep curl, you keep your body straight, arms straight and you very slowly lift up and lift down, obviously working both arms. This works a little bit your forearms, but mainly your bicep muscle which is the front of the arm.

Now, if you want to make it a little bit harder, you can either have a heavier weight or you can lean back. For a complete beginner, I recommend doing a very light weight, maybe like 5-6 kg. And keep your body straight and do it very slowly - maybe 2 seconds up, hold for a second and 2 seconds down.

There is no benefit of doing it really, really quickly. If you want size, you do things slowly and controlled. Now, as you get stronger, go for heavier weights.

It's a good idea to go up by a couple of kilos every few weeks or so, and see how far you can get on, very slowly up and down. And if that starts to get far too easy for you, you can then lean back. By leaning back, you are stretching out the bicep more.

By stretching out more, it's about 20% harder. So, on top of bicep curls, it's really important to have your nutrition as well because if you don't eat more protein and eat more calories, you are not going to get bigger. So, it's always important to have a high protein diet, usually 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

So if you weigh 70 kilograms, you should be having 140 grams of protein a day which is equivalent to 6 or 7 chicken breasts, so it's quite a lot. That's why some people use protein shakes to get a bit bigger. And also, have more carbohydrates, anything, potatoes, pasta.

You need that to help get bigger. So, to recap, bicep curls. Think of your form.

Start off light, very slowly up and down, and as you get stronger, go heavier weights or lean back. And that's some tips on how to get bigger biceps. .