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How To Make Your Home Look Bigger Using Mirrors

How To Make Your Home Look Bigger Using Mirrors

Small living spaces are a curse for many a home owner, especially first time buyers, and those living in cities. But you can create the illusion of space and make your home feel much bigger just by using some cleverly placed mirrors.

Once you have your colours right you can start employing the use of mirrors. Watch VideoJugs How To make your home look bigger using colours for some fantastic tips.

Mirrors are essential for opening out a room by bringing light in. Try placing one opposite a window to reflect the light, and replicate an attractive view.

Placing one over a fire place not only reflects light, thus creating the illusion of space, but provides a focal point and reflects the heat around the room.

Hallways are notoriously claustrophobic, but they can easily be expanded. If your hallway is too narrow, stagger mirrors down either side of the walls. If you wish for it to appear longer, then place a mirror at the end to double the length.

Mirrors hung between two windows can add huge depth to a room, extending the living space beyond the confines of the building.

If you can afford it, a floor to ceiling mirror will immediately make any space seem twice the size, and looks very dramatic.

You should always be careful when using dark colours in small spaces, but to increase a rooms visual depth try painting a wall in a dark rich colour, and hanging a large mirror in the centre.

You needn't just reflect light and open spaces, but objects too. Hanging a mirror opposite a floral portrait painting will reproduce the image and add height to the room. The same trick with a classy landscape picture will add width.

Try hinging a few mirrors, and placing them behind vases and candles. This will bring the best out of the feature, and provide depth around the furniture on which it stands.

You can also use mirrors to make things disappear, providing the illusion of an empty space. If your home has awkward pillars, just hang mirrors on them and they will melt into the room. Similarly you can hang them on wardrobe doors, helping to conceal the bulky furniture from the eye.