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How To Make Your Own Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet

How To Make Your Own Beaded Safety Pin Bracelet

In this episode of our DIY fashion series Fix Up Look Sharp Olly Murray shows you how to make your own beaded bracelet out of safety pins and beads. This bracelet is the ultimate rock chick accessory, and will add a bit of edge to any outfit!

You Will Need

  • 70 Safety Pins
  • Scissors
  • 1.5mm Elastic Cord
  • Small Seed Beads

Step 1: Put Beads On The Safety Pins

Before you start pour your beads onto a plate to make the whole process easier. Start threading the seed beads onto the safety pins. You don't have to be too precise about what beads go on to each safety pin, as it will all come together at the end. When the safety pin is full of beads simply fasten it and move on to the next one. Keep doing this until all 70 safety pins are filled with beads.

Step 2: Measure And Cut The Elastic Cord

Measure the elastic cord around your wrist and cut it so it's slightly longer; this will give you a little extra cord to tie a knot. Cut another piece of elastic cord so you have two pieces of equal length.

Step 3: Thread The First Cord Through Safety Pins

Start threading your elastic cord through one end of the safety. Turn your next safety pin the other way around and thread the elastic through. Keep threading with the safety pins in opposite directions to each other.

Step 4: Thread Second Cord Through Safety Pins

Take your other piece of cord and thread this through the bottom of each safety pin in the same way as the top cord.

Step 5: Tie Knots In The Cord

Tie each end in a knot to keep the safety pins in place and cut the ends. Then simply tie around your wrist.