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How To Make Your Own Canvas Collage

How To Make Your Own Canvas Collage

Learn how to make collage on canvass. There are a lots of things you can do with collages on canvass, you can paint on them, attach other pictures, it is literally up to your imagination. Watch this tutorial and let your imagination run wild. Try it!

As an artist is an often a very useful way in which you can develop your surprisingly quickly. Traditionally I painted like this and still do sometimes on quite a flat area. Sometimes I increased texture but basically it's a traditional canvass.

Now let's combine that painting with the following… in this painting I got a bunch of different ideas, it is almost like collage ideas in the sense that I am putting them down without any formal structure initially as they come and quickly moving them around but it's not collage, it is painting. Its just that its painting almost like a stream of consciousness. Here we see the same thing again, different layers, peeling, pouring, scribbling down ideas.

Sometimes what you want to do is create these ideas separately and physically in demand and combine them into something that is a completely different mix and this is where collage comes in using canvas. So this canvas here started with me working on the floor, piece of a canvas, scribbling down ideas going around and around and around and then starting to build up layers of paint but then ideas of my own unconscious, my own fantasies started to form and what I could do is do them separately like this one here which was drawn on another piece of canvas, cut out and this sort of bird here again was worked out of canvas and paper and then stuck on, so that what you could then do is having built a painting which starts to become rather more 3 dimensional. Cut out other bits of painting and stick it directly on so that even though there are lots of different ideas going on they pull together into a unifies whole and once these are stuck on you can then pain again so that the whole painting comes together.

Finally, if we look at this painting here we could see the same thing again where in this case we have what is basically a black base with a lot of pigment and different materials poured on but then something much more figurative, a horse's head, a dragonfly that is attached to the surface so that you end up bringing in something literally fantastic. The idea of metamorphosis of one thing changing into another in this own little cosmos. You couldn't do that any other way than through collage.