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How To Make Your Own Collage Sheet

How To Make Your Own Collage Sheet

Let the artist in you eplode with this tutorial. Watch and learn how to do make collage sheets for yourself. Try it now!

We are going to have a look at making a collage sheet. The idea of a collage sheet is to have lots of different images running down the page. You might actually start with a sheet like this with an image that is already on and then you can start to cut them up.

You will then get a scalpel for example, and get a hold of your images that you want to include, cut it out and add this to a sheet here. Maybe you are getting some images partly from some books like this, animals which are actually just collections of Victorian etchings which have lots of different images in so you can add them to the sheet or you might get it from magazines like this, where maybe you just want an image of a fish and again you could cut that out and add that to your sheet as well. So gradually all of these things start to build up on your sheet and you could stick them down with an acrylic medium such as this gloss acrylic or an acrylic gel.

Acrylics are always good to use as a glue to stick things down. Get some acrylic out of there and stick it on the back and build up your sheet, so your sheet gradually starts to accumulate lots of images. An advantage of that is you can then hang it up and you can see all the images descending down like a waterfall or you can look at it and say “hey I think that looks kind of great!” and you could just cut that out of your sheet and make that into a little mini collage and maybe another one there so maybe you get four different collages on one sheet.