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How To Make Your Own Eagle Mask

How To Make Your Own Eagle Mask

Professional prop and puppet maker Corina Bona shows you how to make a colourful bird mask. Perfect for kid's parties or for a rainy afternoon activity!

You Will Need

  • blue paper
  • yellow paper
  • cardboard
  • sticky tape
  • string
  • glue stick
  • pen
  • stapler
  • scissors
  • coloured pencils


To make the base of the mask, take a sheet of cardboard and fold it in half. Draw one side of the mask shape and cut it out. Mark and cut out the eye holes too.

To make the feather, take a sheet of blue paper and fold it as many times as you can. Cut some crescent shapes from the edges of the paper and cut different shapes from the rest of the paper. Once you've cut a few, begin glueing them on to the face using your glue stick. Place a little glue on the bottom and glue the feathers on, starting at the outside of the mask and working your way in. Start with the larger feathers.

Once your mask is completely covered with feathers, it's time to make the beak. Take a sheet of yellow paper, fold it in half and cut along the fold. Fold the paper into a cone shape a stick it together with glue. Square it off by cutting at the back. Cut some flaps along the back, bend these flaps back and glue on to the mask. Cut some space for your mouth at the bottom of the beak.

Once you have glued everything down, take some coloured pencils and add some detail to the feather. Add definition to the eyes and beak with the blak marker pen. Curl some of the feathers by rolling them on a pencil.

To make your mask ready to wear, staple on some string next to the eye holes and place some masking tape over the top. Tie the string to fit your head and your mask is good to go!