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How To Make Your Own Flag

How To Make Your Own Flag

Looking for some fun summer activities for the kids? Arts and crafts expert Jenny Jones shows you how to make your own colourful flags from cardboard.

You Will Need

  • 6 sheets A4 paper
  • paints
  • water
  • markers
  • sticky tape
  • scissors


To make the flag pole, take two sheets of blue paper, roll each of them into a tube and secure tightly with sticky tape. Place the tubes end to end and tape them together in the middle to make your flag pole.

To make the flag, choose 4 sheets of paper in any selection of colours. Tape them all together using sticky plastic on one side. Decorate your flag with paints, coloured markers, sticker or glitter. Use whatever designs and materials take your fancy! If you are using paints, put your flag aside to dry. Once you've finished your flag design, attach the flag pole using sticky tape.