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How To Make Your Own Pencil Skirt

How To Make Your Own Pencil Skirt

Do you want to start making your own clothes? In this step by step guide Miss Libby Rose, fashion designer and sewing teacher, shows you how to make a basic pencil skirt pattern. You can use this pattern as the basis of any other skirt designs.

You Will Need

  • 1 measuring tape
  • brown paper
  • 1 ruler
  • 1 pencil


Take a waist measurement; which is where the waist dips in, or just below the ribs. Take the hip measurement at the widest point. Measure the distance from where you took the waist measurement, to where you tool the hip measurement. Measure from the waist to the knee.

Plot the measurements you have taken onto the brown paper at 1/4 scale, so divide each number by 4.

Draw a straight line out from the side of your page for your waist measurement. Plot the waist top hip measurement along the side of your page, then plot your hip measurement parallel to your waist measurement. Measure your waist to knee measurement down the side of the page, then draw another line parallel to the hip and waist lines.

Join them up and add 1.5 cm all the way around for ease; you now have the front of a flat skirt pattern. Cut the pattern out and transfer it into a back pattern, adding an extra 0.5 cm all the way around for the seam.

To use the pattern: fold the fabric in half and trace around each pattern, then unfold it and cut it out; you will then have a complete back and front of a pencil skirt to sew together.