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How To Make Your Own Pokemon Card

How To Make Your Own Pokemon Card

This short VideoJug video will teach anyone, Pokemon fan or not, how to create their own Pokemon cards. Learn to make your own Pokemoncards today!

Hi, my name is Charles Scott and I'm an administrator at thepikaclub.co.uk.

I've been playing Pokemon for over 10 years, and I pride myself on knowing everything there is to know about Pokemon. Okay, in this video I'm going to tell you about how to make your own Pokemon trading card. Now it's important to know that any card you make will not be legal to play, but it is kind of fun to make your own card.

So let's show you how to do it. Now for this you need a piece of card and a pen. You could also use pre-made pictures off the computer, which I have here already cut out, and if you use that, you will need some glue.

The cards need to be 63 millimeters wide by 88 millimeters long, but you can make them slightly bigger if you need to. So what we've done here is I've already glued a electric symbol at the top, because this Pokemon is an electric type, and it will be on an electric card. So that's why I'm using yellow.

So first of all I'm going to stick this picture very quickly about one centimeter from the top of the card. And then, I'm just going to very quickly write its name on the top side, and then write what HP I'm giving it on the right. I'm going to give it 90.

So you've got that. Under here is where you're going to put the moves. Okay, so now I'm going put some symbols which I've already cut out in order to speed this up, but you can draw them if you want.

So now I've got the symbols glued on. I'm going to write in the move attack. So the move name is Thundershock.

Now to make it even easier, you actually can take the moves from any card already in existence in the card game. Just make sure that if they have any writing underneath, you copy it. This is going to do 50 damage.

The number always goes on the far right hand side. So now that we've got that, and we've got our move, we're going to write in the weakness, resistance, and retreat cost. So what I've done here is I've written in weakness, which I've done as fighting times 2, resistance, it has no resistance, and then I've put the retreat cost, which is three Colorless, and that's really all you need to make your own card.

Okay, so here are some I've made earlier. Remember that if you're making a stage one or stage two Pokemon, you have got to include that it evolves from such and such Pokemon. In this case, it evolves from Ponyta.

Here I've got a trainer card, which you can also make, and a supporter card. Again, remember with the supporter cards, they have always got the same writing to start off with that you can only play one on each turn. You must include that.

It's the same as any other card that always has a certain piece of writing. Make sure you include it. And that's it to making your own Pokemon card.

Have fun.