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How To Make Your Own Quail Feed

How To Make Your Own Quail Feed

This video is about how to make feeds for your quails which costs you very little or nothing at all.

Hello, I am Nino Castellano from welwynquail.com and today I am going to talk to you about quails. I go down everyday down to Sainsbury to pick up the produce and bakery out of date products and I take them home.

From the produce, I take apples, oranges, pears, peaches and when it comes to fruits, I cut it up in fine pieces and mix them up and then I feed them to the quails. With bread or cakes or things like that, I take everything and I give them to the birds. On the beginning, if you do not know what to feed them, they will not take it.

But after a few days, they start knowing their fruits, the various types of fruits, to the bread to whatever else you give to them from Sainsbury and they'll take it. Actually, they do enjoy it and it makes them very healthy and fat. How to make your own feeder? This is the end products of my own feeder.

It is very simple. What you need is a plastic bottle, a sely knife, and then you can cut directly into the milk bottle and so that is your angle, whatever you feel. You can use it as a feeder or as a drinker according to your insistence and it will cost you literally nothing.

These are generally for quails, they are not able to eat by themselves, and you have to teach them how to eat. This is a very fine processed food that has got lots of minerals and other goodness in it to make them grow weekly. .