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How To Make Your Voice Deeper

How To Make Your Voice Deeper

Voice coach, Caroline Goyder, shows you several techniques and ways of making your voice sound nicer, deeper and more powerful.

How to have a deep voice? Now, a deep voice, the word for ''deep'' for a voice is not quite right because when you think of a deep voice, it's this kind of thing you sometimes hear in the House of Commons and that is not actually a good voice. What we hear as a deep voice is really a rich, relaxed voice and the good news is, if you want to work on your voice, that everyone has a good voice inside them. It is what voice coaches call your natural voice and really, the principle is that if you learn to stand well, and if you learn to breathe in a relaxed way, and if you learn to use your voice well, that we all have a good, round, relaxed voice.

Everybody, in fact, it is what you are born with. So, how to do it is really important, and it is this, people don't like this in a way. It is a bit like going to see a personal trainer.

If you want a good, if you want a good body, if you want to be fit, you go and see your personal trainer and they give you exercises that you do everyday. Voices are the same. You go and see a voice coach and they will give you things to do and you really need to do them.

And I am going to share with you a few tips that will help. The big thing to know about getting a good voice is that you have to learn to breathe and to relax. I had a client recently who did not like his voice at all.

It was quite a nasal sound. It was up in his nose, up in his throat, and he went away, he did voice exercises and within about three months, he had people saying to him, ''Wow, you have got a really good voice!'' So, I know, from seeing real people, exercises that you can get a good voice quite quickly if you do the work. First thing you got to do is really work on your posture.

Most people have a bad voice because there is something going on postural that is not helping them and usually, this is an extreme example but they are sticking their head forward and they are putting a lot of strain on their larynx. Your voice is just like a guitar. Your body is the shape of the guitar, the frame of the guitar and your larynx is the string, and air comes out of the lungs and hits your larynx and that produces your voice.

So, you got to create a good support for your sound and that is first your posture, then your breathing, then actually the production of the sound. So, go to see a good Pilates teacher, do some Alexander technique, do yoga, really make sure that you are standing well and that your shoulders are relaxed and that your knees are grounded. All of those things create a good voice.

The next step is to do some really gentle voice exercises. Now, simple things that you can do and I often get clients to do this is in the morning, the humming is a really nice way just to get your voice warm and it works a bit like this- you put a hand on your stomach, you breathe out first, you wait for the breath in and then you just do a very relaxed hum and you can move your face around. It looks a bit silly but what you want to do is to start to get the lips buzzing with sound like you got bumblebees sitting on your lips and you can do that for about five minutes and you start to notice that your voice is doing what is called ''placing forward'' to the front of the face.

So, just do that one more time, breathe out, let the breath come in. Then, you can open it up, and if you do that at home, in your kitchen in the morning, if you do it for about ten minutes, then what you are about to feel is that your voice is nice and warm and it has a lower resonance. And that is a really nice round sound.

That is a more of a deeper, richer sound. Another thing to do is just to tap your diaphragm which is a big sheet of muscle that sits right under the base of your lungs in your rib cage. You just tap your tummy and then you notice that your sound starts to feel a bit more powerful, a bit deeper, and if you did that everyday in the morning, you would go to work with a much deeper, richer voice.

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