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How To Manipulate Men: Mind Games For Bad Girls

How To Manipulate Men: Mind Games For Bad Girls

All is fair in love and war, so get out there, get manipulating, and work for what you want.

Step 1: Play hard to get

Don't rush to pick up calls from your guy, what do you think message services were invented for? He'll leave a message, but don't reply for a least a couple of days. If you make him think you've got more important things to do - he'll just want you more. This is such a good tactic that we've made a whole separate film about it.

Step 2: Flattery

Now you've got his attention, chuck him a bone and stroke that ego - just don't get the two confused at this stage. Tell him how great he's looking, or how impressed you are with his knowledge of those tricksy computer games. Flattery works especially well when combined with step 1: playing hard to get. Build him up, knock him back, build him up, knock him back. Look how confused he is - now your winning.

Step 3: Bribery

This is straight forward. You know what he wants, but he won't be getting it until you get what you want first. This tactic does mean you too could spend some time without getting, err... satisfied. But who care when there's a Tiffany's bracelet at stake.

Step 4: Jealousy

Repeat after me; Never. Stop. Flirting. If he thinks other men are after you he will just want you more, like a shiny, glamorous trophy he's trying to win. As soon as he catches a whiff of competition he'll be bending over backwards to make you happy.

If there's no one in vicinity to flirt with simply talking about other men will send him into a jealous rage, tell him about; 'Brad' who's a 'great guy' that you 'always hang out with.' Or go that step further and send yourself some flowers from 'a secret admirer.' Forget honesty and self respect - they won't get you anywhere

Step 5: Play Dumb

What would little-ickle you know about changing a tyre. Heavy shopping bags? If only you were stronger. And as for balancing your bank account - those number just plain make your head hurt. Yep, it's setting the woman's movement back about 100 years, but it gives you a break.

Step 6: Tears

If all else fails, resort to what you learned from an early age; turn on the water works. Not proper ugly bawling, just those pretty little sobs. Men are scared of crying women, they will do anything in their power to make you stop. Just remember not to go too far or he might start to think you're a bit high maintenance. Oh well, plenty more fish in the sea.