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How To Master Green Cleaning Pots And Pans

How To Master Green Cleaning Pots And Pans

Nowadays, when everyone is concerned about the environment and pollution, this video gives you a simple method of helping the environment by using natural methods to clean dirty pans and pots. Following this method helps in controlling the pollution around.

Hello, I am Kate Belcheva. I run Ultimately Eco Cleaning. We clean homes and offices around London using environmentally friendly cleaning products and materials.

Today, I am going to be talking about green cleaning. Now, I am going to show you how to clean dirty pans and pots. What we have here is a butter dish, a pan and a pot from some home cooking of teachers.

To clean these, we need three main ingredients and we can choose between three combinations. We have vinegar, one phase which we have here in a spray bottle, some bicarbonate soda and some salt and also we could combine it with lemon. First, I am going to show you how to clean a pan a burnt pan from, this is from mashed potatoes.

I am adding some soda bicarbonate soda and some hot water. Using a sponge, you can gently rub around as you make sure to clean well the rim because that will burn out again later and it will be difficult to clean. This is a non-scratch sponge so we are not damaging the Teflon.

You can leave it a little bit to soak and then rinse with lukewarm water. Number two now, we will take care of this frying pan by adding some vinegar, this is pure vinegar 76 percent from Sarsons which is from this bottle clean vinegar but it does have a great odor to cleaning. You can add a little bit of the bicarbonate soda which will then cut through the grease.

We can remove the dirt, easily remove the dirt. We can leave it a little bit to soak a little bit more so you can get rid of this if it is very old. You can see the bicarbonate soda is reacting with the vinegar, that's why we have this fizzy effect.

And here we have this butter pan and we will clean by soaking with hot water and adding some bicarbonate soda. Leave your pots and pans for a couple of minutes so the chemicals can react with the dirt and the burned down food and then just rinse them with some water. This is how to clean the pots and pans the natural way. .