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How To Master Long Distance Cycling Training

How To Master Long Distance Cycling Training

Ever wonder how long distance cyclers can go for hours and hours without a break? Interested in doing the same? Check out this video clip for some great tips on long distance cycling.

You've got to have a comfortable position on the bike. If you're going to spend a number of hours on the bike, the last thing you want is to have a really uncomfortable position. So, riders spend a long time trying to hone this position down.

The next thing you need, of course, is training. The old British philosophy of getting the miles in couldn't be truer. You need to sit on the bike for hour after hour, pedalling efficiently and also be able to eat and drink whilst on the bike.

You get many riders who will pile the miles in early season, maybe spending anything up to 200, 250 miles a week. If you divide that by the number of days that you got available for training, say, for example, 5 days, five fives is twenty-five, so they can be doing 50 miles a day, or typically they will spend about 4, 5 or 6 hours on a Sunday and probably less during the week with available time. But when the clocks go forward in the summer, they'll be getting the miles in and you need the right clothing as well.

There's no point in having an ill-fitting shirt or shorts that cut into your groin that's causing lots of problems. All of these things are honed down over the years so that you know what to wear, what clothes to put on, wet weather clothing. Sometimes, you ride at night so long distance cyclers will have lights on their bicycles.

All these things have got to be tried and tested and proven in the field before they embark on these events. Benefits of training come in not when you're actually riding but when you're actually resting, so that you're getting the maximum benefit from all your training. So if you can put your feet up, put your feet up.

Try to live properly and get the miles in, you eat well, you drink well and you sleep a lot to get the maximum rest in. And that is long distance cycling. .