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How To Master Roach Fishing

How To Master Roach Fishing

Roach fishing is very simple. Just be sure to fish at the right time of day and use the right bait. This technique can catch many types of fish.

Lots of different ways that we can catch roach, we can catch roach float fishing or we can catch them ledgering. We can catch them in lakes as well as in rivers. I've got a set of ledger fishing tackle here with a small size 16 hook and I'm going to use a couple of red maggots to try and catch the roach.

It's getting on towards evening at the moment and evening is a really good time to catch roach. Roach are not a good fish to fish for when it's bright and sunny. Usually, they feed best when the light levels are low.

In the evening is a really good time to try to catch roach. I've put some bait out in the stream to try and get the fish feeding and now, I'm going to cast out a couple of little, red maggots to see if we can get some attention from the roach. I'm going to hook a couple of maggots on.

I'm going to feed a few more out into the stream. This pool is a fairly deep pool. It goes down about six feet deep and it holds lots of fish of many different types.

We've got pike here. We've got trout. We've got grayling.

I've cast the maggot out into the pool. I had a bite immediately, so I'll just cast that again. The rod that we're using is a Quiver Tip rod so, what I'm doing is I'm watching the end of the rod for the bite.

The ledger weight takes the bait down to the riverbed and then, we watch the rod tip. Now, we've got our roach. There you go.

That was a brief introduction to roach fishing. The technique that we were using was right for roach but as it happens, we just caught a grayling. That was funny. .