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How To Master The Backhand Slice

How To Master The Backhand Slice

This film shows you how to master the backhand slice in order to score more points against your opponent. A shot that was perfected by Steffi Graf; learn how to use the backhand slice as an aggressive and defensive tennis shot.

Step 1: Your grip

For a backhand slice keep the racket in the continental, or chopper grip. This is the same grip you're already using for the ready position.

The V of your thumb and forefinger should be just to the left of the top of the grip.

Step 2: Approach the ball

As you move towards the ball, simply pivot your feet to the side. This will place your front shoulder square-on to the ball, ready for the backswing.

As you approach the shot, position yourself slightly wide of the ball

Step 3: Your backswing

With your arm slightly bent, take your racket back across your chest.

Use your non-hitting hand to bring the racket high; almost behind your head.

Load your weight onto your back foot.

Step 4: Your Swing

As the ball arrives transfer your weight onto your front foot and lean into the shot.

The racket swing is a knifing action down from high to low. This grates the racket strings down the back of the ball, which really makes the ball fizz with all the backspin.

Step 5: Follow through

Try to add to the high to low swing by extending the racket head out through the ball towards the target.

Feel your spare hand extend out behind you as a counterbalance to the forwards swing. Remain balanced for a second or two after the ball has gone, and then return to the ready position.

A backhand slice gives a low, flat trajectory over the net. It can be used on the offensive as well as a tool for defence when you're stretched out wide.

You've just mastered the backhand slice, the VideoJug way!