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How To Mate Dogs

How To Mate Dogs

Jamie Crittall from Beech House Veterinary Centre, Surrey, talks about the essentials of breeding a bitch dog with a stud, from the best time to take her to how to keep her calm.

Hi, I'm Jamie Crittall from Beech House Veterinary Centre in Surrey, and I'm here to talk to you about dog breeding. Hi, I'd like to talk to you about mating dogs. If you've got a bitch and you want to have puppies, you need to take her to a stud dog.

Classically, you'll take her to the stud dog owners' house when she's ready. This is the absolutely key period for mating is when during her oestrous cycle, that she's ready to be mounted by the dog. She'll go into season, classically, her vulvae will become more swollen, there'll be some bleeding and this is what we call pro-oestrous.

It is very unlikely that she'll be attractive to a male dog but she won't allow the stud dog to mate her. Once the bloody discharge actually becomes slightly more mucusy and becomes almost straw-like in colour, she may become much more receptive to a male dog and at that stage, you would take her to a stud dog and see whether he will mount her. He'll come up and actually get on top of her and if it is a successful mating, he'll tie and then they'll end up tail to tail.

This takes anything between fifteen and thirty minutes and occasionally it'll last an hour. If it's your bitches' first time, I think she'll be quite nervous about it so it's really important that you reassure her and as a result, you'll end up with a successful mating and hopefully, puppies at the end of the day. To recap though, it's absolutely essential that you're calm and your nerves and anxiety will rub off on her, and it will be much less likely that she'll accept the stud dog and therefore, mating will not be successful and you won't have puppies at the end of the day.

So stay relaxed, and as a result, she'll be much more accommodating. .