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How To Measure Diameter

How To Measure Diameter

This is an explanation of how to take a diameter measurement - that is a measurement of a circular object - for your sewing project involving a round object.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to take a measurement, that's a diameter measurement. Now, diameters are anything around a circular object. So, that could be around your head for a hat, for example, or it could be around your biceps if you're having a seam made or it could be around your thighs.

So, it is anything that is round. For instance, a bolster cushion like this one is a round cushion and I need to know the diameter to make the cushion cover. I just take my tape measure and I'm using a soft ended tape measure, and I look at where the end of the tape measure is meeting here and that's the diameter, which is the measurement I'll use to make the cushion cover.

And that's how you take a diameter measurement. .