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How To Measure For A Bridesmaid Dress

How To Measure For A Bridesmaid Dress

Since bridesmaids often provide their dress measurements over long distances, it's easy to get it wrong. Especially since each dress manufacturer has their own sizing system which has no relation to normal dress sizes. It's critical to be measured properly and we will show you how to do it.

Step 1: You Will Need

  • The style and make of your bridesmaid dress
  • New vinyl or cloth tape measure

Step 2: Get Some Help

Bridal consultants can't overstress the importance of having your dress measurements taken professionally. If you can't get to a bridal shop or tailor, you need to ask for help. You just won't be able to do it yourself accurately.

Step 3: Bust

Women often think the bust measurement is the same as bra or cup size. Not so.

Bust size is the circumference of the fullest part of the bust. Cup size is determined by measuring the circumference of the chest directly under the breast, adding 5" inches to it, and then subtracting it from the bust size measurement.

To measure you bust, first stand naturally with your heels together and let your arms rest by the side of your body. Use a new vinyl or cloth tape, as old ones often stretch, and position the tape at the widest part of the back, straight across the top and fullest part of the bust. Do not measure under the bust line.

It is very important to wear the same type of bra, if one is worn at all, that you'll wear on the day of the wedding. Bra style can make a significant difference in your bust measurement.

Step 4: Waist

Next, measure the waist by placing the tape at the natural waistline. This is NOT where you button up your jeans, but, rather, the SMALLEST part of your figure, higher than your bellybutton.

Stand with your stomach in a natural position. Leave a little room by keeping one finger on the inside of the tape. Don't pull the tape too tight. It's always easier to make the dress smaller than the reverse.

Step 5: Hips

Stand naturally with your heels together and measure the largest part of the hips. This is generally about 9" down from your natural waistline.

Position the tape around the fullest part of your bottom. Again, leave a little room by keeping a finger on the inside of the tape, and do not pull the tape tight.

If you are 5' 9" or taller with the shoes you plan to wear at the wedding, it is strongly recommended that you order an extra length dress. Typically, an extra length dress is five inches longer than standard length. Most designers charge a little more for the extra length.

Whatever color or style you wear, remember, it's not your wedding. It's the bride's and groom's day, so it's what they want that really matters. Have fun and enjoy the party!