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How To Meet Your Daughter's Boyfriend

How To Meet Your Daughter's Boyfriend

Meet Your Daughter's Boyfriend. See our top advice on how to welcome your daughter's boyfriend into the family. Instructions on preparation, introductions, conversation topics, what to avoid, and post-meeting discussions.

Step 1: Set up the event

If your daughter hasn't already brought it up, mention you would like to meet her boyfriend. Suggest inviting him to your house for a meal, or decide between you on the most suitable place. Don't make it too formal, treat it as if you are getting together with friends

Step 2: Prepare

Get a little background information about the boyfriend from your daughter. What does he do for a living? What are his interests? Who is his favourite James Bond? Are there any subjects that are off limits? This will give you guidelines for conversation and removes the need to give him the third degree when he arrives. If you are preparing a meal make sure you are aware of any food allergies or preferences he may have.

Step 3: Introductions

Greet the boyfriend with a warm smile and handshake, a kiss on the cheek won't be out of place either. He might address you as Mr. and Mrs. as a sign as respect, but ask him to call you by your first names.

Step 4: Reduce the pressure

Although you may be apprehensive about the meeting, it's a sure bet that he will be even more nervous. Your daughter will also be feeling the pressure of making sure everyone gets along. Welcome him into your home and put him at ease by starting off the conversation. Be open and yourself, this is not the time to put on fancy airs and graces.

Step 5: Conversation topics

Having been prepped by your daughter you will have a few conversation starters up your sleeve. Don't force the chatter in a specific direction, just let it flow naturally. Keep it light and interesting, avoiding heavy or controversial subjects.

Step 6: What to avoid

Don't overwhelm the poor man with probing questions, this is not a job interview or a trial. You are obviously keen to make sure he is suitable for your daughter, but avoid watching him excessively or making him the focus of the evening. Treat him in the manner as you would a new friend and you will soon be getting along famously.

Step 7: Post meeting

Have a chat with your daughter after you have met her beau. Mention what you liked about him and how much you enjoyed yourself. This reassures her that the meeting was a success and paves the way for a happy future relationship.