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How To Melt Snow

How To Melt Snow

Learn how to safely melt snow at home from a professional snow sports manager. Use the same techniques at home that the experts use to effectively melt unwanted snow.

I'm going to explain how we melt snow here, and how you can do it at home. First of all here, once we've finished with the snow, we tend to use a push machine and we push it out to a big melt pit. And out there, it's a little bit warmer with the warm walls, the heated walls.

That slowly starts to melt the snow and all the water that comes off the melted snows goes into a big melt pit. And that water is then pumped around, and squirted on top of the snow to help it melt faster. That's how we do it here.

If you want to melt the snow outside in your driveway, best thing to do is scrape the top layer off, move that out of the way, and then use salt or grit for the rest of it. If you wanted to just walk on it, it's best to just leaving the snow because it has a lot more grip, rather than trying to move it out of the way and put salt down because it can tend to ice. In fact, that's how we melt ice here and how you can at home. .