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How To Memorise A To Do List

How To Memorise A To Do List

Most of us lead extremely busy lives these days, and remembering everything we have to do can be a struggle. So this guide will show you a handy method of remembering a list of tasks without electronic gadgets or a pen and paper – just using your memory.

Step 1: Memory Hooks

This memory system involves first creating 10 images to use as memory hooks.
The numbers 1 to 10 each rhyme with a word connected to an image. 1 is bun, 2 is shoe, 3 is tree, 4 is door, 5 is hive and so on. A bit like a children's nursery rhyme! 6 is sticks, 7 is heaven (you might picture an angel), 8 is gate, 9 is vine, 10 is hen. You don't have to use these images – you can use any that are meaningful to you. Once you have constructed the 10 hooks and committed them to memory, you are now ready to link your tasks to those hooks.

Step 2: Linking the items

Take the first item on your task list and link it to the first peg. Your first thing to do might be to book some train tickets. To link train tickets to "bun", you could imagine a bun with train tickets sticking out of it. Make the image vivid in your mind. It's best to create a direct link of the two items together - this is easier to recall. When you later come to recall the tasks, you think of the number and then the rhyming hook. In the first example, one rhymes with bun and when you see the bun with the train tickets sticking out of it, you will remember your first task!
Moving on to the next task, you want to recall to get a set of keys cut. Two is shoe, so you might picture a set of keys inside your shoe. Your next thing to remember might be to make a dentist appointment. How are you going to link dentist appointment to tree? You will get used to making creative links with practise. Perhaps you will imagine a tree with teeth hanging off it! Next on your task list is "buy milk". Link Milk to door for item number four. Imagine a milk bottle holding a door open. Keep going through the items until you have visualised your entire list in this way.

Step 3: Recall

When you come to recall your list, picture the first item – the bun with the train tickets sticking out of it, and you will then recall that you have to buy train tickets.